Hello all, we have new assortiment of wool products.

One of them is especially suitable for toddlers, as one of them is training pants to use when baby is about to sit on the potty. Tested very well with our little boys. They said that they wanted to be a little longer with them when we were making little photoshoot :) they loved it . And that is the best feedback for me. Of course it would be great to hear something back from you too!

little boys with training pants

Second new product is merino wool bib. I thought that i need to make one for my baby, because he needs it when he eats. So here it is new product for other babies too, i think i'm not the only one who needs it. Also tested well, because bib is very soft, it is easy to put it on and it is very easy to remove dirt from it, also repells wetness like juice etc.

Matas with the wool bib

Next one is merino wool hammer pants which is very comfortable especially if baby is heavy wetter. With these longies babay will feel comfortable even if you put diaper with lots of inserts to reppel more wetness. Made from merino wool interlock so it is  a bit stretchy and babies movements will not be restricted.

baby with hammer pants

Last, but not least for today is Merino wool soaker. It is very soft and fluffy clings around babys buttocks very well and also fits around babys legs very well because of the wool interlock edges around the legs.

Merino wool soaker

Approved by our childs, maybe you will like it also. Try it!


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      Sep 19, 2019

      New Wool Products are only required for edu geeks club review. This is not going to help me with anything new, and I will not be able to understand more fromm it. I need some help from you guys about it.

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      Oct 16, 2019

      Finally someone posted about this issue in India. On mojowriters I have read about many properties issue in India, and it is always upsetting. Duaghters should get the rights that they deserve.

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