I got a lot of mails and messages about what I can offer to our clients, so I decided to write about the best products our clients likes and buy most.
The most popular product is our wool covers. You can choose natural color or other colors. Our wool covers comes in three sizes - most popular is M-L
I like this product because clients who buy this wool cover can use it in 2-3 ways of cloth diapering: 
wool cover + cloth diaper, 
wool cover + three layer insert, 
wool cover + prefold
wool cover + what ever do you have in your home :)
Our wool covers is made from soft wool, soft but also not bulky. I like it when i see really nice photos from our customers where wool covers fits very well on different babies.
Hemp-organic cotton cloth diaper. I like our hemp fabric, this fabric is so soft and fluffy, so I can offer this fabric for all my clients. This fabric also absorbs very well. Also this diapers fit perfect, but if you use this diaper and wool cover it looks bulky, so I offer this solution (hemp cloth diaper + wool cover) for night time or when ypu need more absorption.
Three layer hemp cotton inserts. I love it, I started to use this type of cloth diapering because it's cheap and really economic.

Wool cover + three layer hemp insert

You can buy more inserts than pocket cloth diaper, it's cheaper and you can combinate with other inserts, for example - wool cover + 1 hemp insert + 1 bamboo velour.
So you can have more absorption and try our also nice bamboo velour fabric. They are great because they are fluffy and very soft.
prefolds are a bit more expensive than three layer inserts, but they are bigger and you can fold it what ever you want :)
I like prefolds because you can use it with snappi or you can fold and add in to wool cover. It's good for night time, and you can choose: bamboo fleece, velour or hemp.
Merino wool inserts
It's very popular product, because they are cheap, soft and absorbs well. I used merino wool inserts in to pocket cloth diaper (hemp-cotton cloth diaper) also you can use it with wool cover. Wool inserts made of the same merino wool, so they can help like wool cover :)
Merino wool sets/packs
I like to sell more than one pc wool covers, because you can wash few, lanolize and use other wool covers, you will feel relaxed when you have enough wool covers and cloth diapers :).
Also you can save on shipping and set price is always a bit cheaper.
Cloth diapers set from hemp, bamboo velour or colored linen
They are lovely, they are nice. I sell these diapers set when people want to dress children beautifully. Also they fit is nice and babys in photo looks beautiful when they wear colored cloth diapers.
Also people like to buy more cloth diapers, so I offer sets, because they gets good price or wool cover for free, so I think it's great for those who wants to save some money but get good quality product.
Bamboo velour and bamboo fleece products
They are great, but absorbs less than hemp-cotton. I would recommend bamboo velour especially for kids who have very sensitive skin, because velour is so soft and fluffy, even better than hemp :)
Wool AIO (all in one)
It's like a hybrid diaper. It's very popular product, but i would like to to see it even more popular. Because it's made of wool cover with additional snaps and hemp-cotton inserts also with additional snaps. So if you buy this cloth diaper, you will get wool covers and inserts. If you want you can buy extra insert sets. Absorbs very well, looks nice and easy to change. 
AIO with PUL
this type is not my favorite :) but I know that people like to try first cloth diaper and they don't want wool cover, inserts, cloth diapers, so they buy few of these PUL cloth diapers and try. This diaper made of PUL (polyurethane laminate) on top you do not use wool cover, because they are waterproof. Inside they are made of hemp-organic cotton, so baby skin is touched only by all natural fabric, and also in the pocket you can add inserts what ever do you have for bigger absorb. I used this diaper when my children grow up and learn how to use potty. I recommend this cloth diaper for bigger children and if you want to go out you can use too.


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