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Dark and light gray double colored diapers, 2pcs pack by responsiblemother

Dark and light gray double colored merino wool diapers covers set of 2 pcs, M-L

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Merino wool diapers covers M-L size

M-L Good for 7-14kg babies (15,4-30,8 lbs)

waist 38-48 cm
legs 10-19 cm

Pack of 2pcs

Soft and fluffy wool outer color is dark grey or light grey, double colored, inside wool color - magenta. Double colored means, that outer wool diaper cover layer is made from two wool fabrics, they are sewn together. They are cheaper, but with the same wool properties like one colored covers. 

To close the cover safely and look more playful colored snaps are attached.

Sold not lanolized. Wash and lanolize separately.

Wool wraps is used on top of cloth diapers or with prefold or other cloth diaper inserts made from hemp, bamboo, wool.

Best for nighttime because it absorbs and lock a lot of moisture inside.

Established merino wool diaper cover model, tested by many.

Our most popular product.

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Introducing our Wool Diaper Covers, made with soft merino wool and perfect for your little one's cloth diapering needs! Our wool diaper covers come in limited colors, but each one is handmade with care and quality in mind in Lithuania, Europe.

If you're looking for a wool nappy or wool wrap, our wool diaper covers are the perfect choice. They are particularly suitable for nighttime use, as the merino wool is known to absorb more wetness than other natural materials. Our covers can be used with diaper inserts, prefolds, or on top of cloth diapers at night.

One of the biggest advantages of using wool diaper covers is their ability to regulate temperature, which makes them suitable for all seasons. The merino wool is breathable, so it won't be too hot or too cold for your little one. My two sons used wool covers on top of hemp cloth diapers in winter and in summer without any problems.

Our wool diaper covers come with snaps, which ensures a snug fit for your baby's bottom. My younger son is small and have a slim legs, but this wool cover fit great you can see it in the picture. He's wearing wool cover with hemp prefold inside.

They must be lanolized for optimal use, but once that's done, you'll love how soft and comfortable they feel and how much wetness they can absorb and lock inside. Use your favorite lanoline product.

We recommend to wash wool diaper covers by hand, at 30 degrees, do not dry on heater or in direct sunlight, do not tumble. Wool diapers can absorb a lot of moisture, but do not leave wool cover on for too long, once it's full it should be changed to not absorb the smell and not irritate the baby skin.

We're proud to say that our wool diaper covers are made by ResponsibleMother, a family business with over 10 years of experience in making cloth diapering products. As a family that has raised two sons with cloth diapering, we understand how important it is to have a quality product that fits well and feels great for your baby.

Overall, our Wool Diaper Covers are a fantastic choice for any parent looking for a reliable, comfortable, natural and sustainable solution to cloth diapering. Merino wool diaper covers are our best-selling product. People love softness and fluffiness and other properties of the wool. Order yours today and experience the benefits of wool diaper covers!

Please feel free to review and rate your wool cover after you receive and try them out.

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