100% soft merino two-layer wool inserts for cloth diapers

100% soft merino two-layer wool inserts for cloth diapers


If you want to increase the absorbency of your wool diaper cover, these doublers will be helpful.

100% soft merino two-layer wool inserts for cloth diapers / cloth nappy / wool cover / soakers / natural color / eco friendly / responsible

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You can use your daily soaker at night as a stay-dry liner or vice versa.

At night, wool is ideal. When a diaper becomes wet at night, a wool diaper cover will absorb the moisture rather from leaking like a PUL cover would since there is nowhere else for it to go. In wet conditions at night, the wool will grow damp as opposed to the bedsheets. Simply let the wool cover dry out and use it again the following day. Through numerous uses, wool actually retains its freshness.

It can also be placed beneath cotton diapers to provide additional absorption and waterproofing. When a diaper cover is extremely worn out, this is a fantastic leak prevention technique to use.

The best for wool covers, wool soakers, wool pant, hemp, bamboo, cotton cloth diapers, cloth nappy.
These wool inserts are made of 100% pure and soft merino wool.
Wool is the best at night.
You can use it for extra absorbency/waterproofing. This is a great strategy for leak prevention when a diaper cover is really worn out an starting to wick moisture through the fabric.
Wool both resist and absorbs moisture.

We recommend to wash wool inserts by hand, at 30 degrees, do not dry on heater or in direct sunlight, do not tumble.

S-M 31x12 cm (to inches 12 x 4,7)
M-L 34x12 cm (to inches 13,3 x 7,7)

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