Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Here you will find colorful, natural handmade cloth diapers made from hemp, bamboo, cotton, wool fabrics. Made and tested by our family for parents who wants to raise children responsibly.

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  • Bamboo Cloth diapers

    Very soft, gentle and light diapers with pocket and inserts included. Dries quickly. Can be made from bamboo velour and bamboo fleece. Can be made with cotton prints on outside layer. Repels moisture well, but moisture repelent panties must be used with bamboo diapers.

  • Hemp Cloth Diapers

    Made from organic hemp cotton fabric are especially good, as no pesticides or chemicals are used while growing the hemp. Hemp also has antibacterial characteristics, is resistant to fungus, and perfectly absorbs moisture. 

  • Linen Cloth Diapers

    Unique linen - Hemp-cotton cloth diapers with nice prints. Linen is a bit harder than cotton cloth, but more durable and longlasting cloth. Linen is Lithuanian traditional folk cloth. Inner Layer and inserts is made from Hemp cotton cloth.

  • All in one diapers

    Diapers that can be used without moisture repellent panties. We can offer AIO diapers with wool and with PUL. Inserts is added to the diapers.

  • Cotton Cloth Diapers