Three-layer hemp organic cotton insert to cloth diapers

Three-layer hemp organic cotton insert liners to cloth diapers

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Hemp-organic cotton inserts are popular choices for cloth diapering due to their absorbency, sustainability, and softness.
I want to offer these natural hemp-cotton three layer inserts. Our clients loved these because they absorb well and size perfect to use with wool cover. If you want to start use cloth diapers, you can try these inserts (booster) with our wool cover, this type of cloth diapering is very simple and cheap.
Hemp and organic cotton blends are highly absorbent materials, making them ideal for use as diaper inserts. Hemp, in particular, has excellent absorption properties, while organic cotton adds softness and comfort against the baby's skin.
Hemp inserts are additional layers of absorbent material that can be added to cloth diapers to increase their absorbency. They are typically made from hemp fabric, which is known for its excellent absorbency and durability. Hemp inserts are a popular choice for parents who need extra absorbency for heavy wetters, overnight use, or during longer periods between diaper changes. Both hemp and organic cotton are natural, renewable fibers, making them eco-friendly choices for diapering. They're often grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, reducing environmental impact.
When using hemp-organic cotton inserts with cloth diapers, it's essential to prewash them several times before the first use to increase their absorbency. Additionally, follow the manufacturer's care instructions to maintain their quality and longevity.

Overall, hemp-organic cotton inserts are excellent choices for cloth diapering, offering superior absorbency, sustainability, and comfort for your baby.

Price per 1 piece!
These inserts are made from 3 layers of organic hemp fleece.
These are great for pockets cloth diapers, to use with merino wool covers.


S-M 31x12 cm (to inches 12 x 4,7)

573 Items

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Hemp cotton inserts

The softest fabric you’ll ever find. Clearly was made with care. I highly recommend it.

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